About Us

Our Values and Mission

•    We operate from the core values and belief in the integrity and highest standards of ethics in all that we do, with our dealings with our franchisees, employees, schools and above all, to the children that we cherish.

•    Our vision and mission is to enable each DRUMKiD to nurture an everlasting passion for music and embrace and enjoy all the positives that can impact on so many areas of their life as children and as adults.

•    We desire that our children will experience the lasting impact of the multiple benefits of this truly magical activity:
–     A positive emotional, holistic connection to music, themselves & others.
–    Development of listening, focus, co-ordination, numeracy, memory & musical skills.
–    Increase in self confidence, self discipline & creativity.
•    Our philosophy of giving back through our sponsorship programme reaching children who otherwise could not take part in the programme. For every ten children on thethat are registered onto the programme, DRUMKiDZ sponsors one child to join the programme at NO cost to the parent or school.

We are totally committed and passionate that you get to experience and feel the enormous benefits that our programmes, products and workshops can do for you, your family and colleagues. Please join us on our journey and see the results…feel confident, connected and alive with possibility. We will show you how!

A bit about us

Andy’s background – from London, in South Africa since 1995

•    Over 20 year’s international experience-award winning music producer, sound engineer & professional drummer. Recorded & performed in multiple bands, functions and productions.
•     Owner & CEO of London Connection recording studios & college for 12 years.
•    Senior Lecturer of Sound Engineering & Production.
•    Trained in the UK – Institute of Music Technology and Drumtech.
•    11 years corporate experience in product and promotional management for 100 retail outlets in the UK.
•    Graduate in Business Management, Success through Service and a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Rosemary’s background

•    20 years experience in sales and account management for key accounts.
•    Owner of 3 businesses since 1984, in SA and overseas.
•    Qualified and experienced in human resources and public relations.