Corporate Workshops

You really start to hear the almighty bass roar of over 50 Djembes playing exactly the same beat, in time; just as one…it sounds and feels so powerful…so intoxicating. You glance around you, you see the faces of your fellow office workers, the smiles, sparkling eyes, the laughter and sense the power and energy – it is magical.

A smile starts on your face, your shoulders drop and relax, you even start to sing along as you play. Everyone is doing it.

It’s true…we can all do this. You laugh to yourself at the thought of that silly old notion as you prove that you do have rhythm and IT FEELS AWESOME!

Escape your comfort Zone…for a Quote for your own high



Just imagine if you could…

  • Feel full of energy
  • Get your creative juices flowing
  • Be inspired and inspire others
  • Re-kindle the connection to those around you
  • Just simply let go, relax, enjoy the moment and have fun

That’s exactly what our workshops do! Let the busiest drum facilitator in the Cape show you how…

Drumming with DRUMKiDZ is perfect for:

• End of Year Corporate Parties
• Team building events
• Conference /Product Launches
• Incentive Reward Schemes
• Functions for a special occasions
• Healing /Harmony
• Head stretching experience

What some of the following clients have said about Drumkidz Drum Workshops & the Challenge:

South African Airways, Truworths Ltd, Momentum, Acorn Technologies, Louis Group International, Rand Merchant Bank, FNB, National Geographic, Canal Walk, Legacy Hotels International, Stepping Stones, World Travel.

“Dynamic mind set and creativity”         

“An eye-opening experience in teambuilding”

“It was fun and I liked the novelty”        

“The remarkable connection among the interns and DRUMKiDZ”

“It’s something new! We had fun –we could actually organize something in a group and put it together. Everybody took part!”                                                              

“One word –Marvelous”

How The Workshops Work!

• Presented by Andy Byskup & assisted by DRUMKiDZ Instructors

• You drum and play loads of different stuff, to all types of music;
Rock, R&B, reggae, pop, hip hop and traditional African tunes.

• We have a huge toolkit designed to bring everyone together, from CEO to tea-lady, grandparents  and   kiddies, men and women, every possible gap is bridged though the magic of drumming.

• You will be guided though exercises  like…Drum Echo, Break It Down, Follow the leader, Djembe Drum Wave…we even teach you and have you playing all the parts to the arrangement of a very well known song in 5 minutes flat! Seriously!

Total Duration: Approx 60 minutes

About your Head Facilitator & Owner of Drumkidz – Andy Byskup – born in London, in Cape Town since 1995

• Owner of Drumkidz and the London Connection Recording Studios.
• Over 20 year’s international experience -sound engineer, music producer & professional drummer.
• Recorded & performed in original bands, orchestral work, big band ensembles, theatre productions,    corporate functions and cover bands.
• Creator of the DRUMKiDZ Music Development Programme Franchise
• Senior Lecturer of Sound Engineering & Production
• SAMA Award Winning Music Producer.
• Trained in the UK – Institute of Music Technology and Drumtech.
• Graduate in Business Management, Success through Service and a Master Practitioner of Neuro  Linguistic Programming.