School Programme

 “Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done for all the kids. Teaching is about installing passion and you do this unbelievably well and you are always fun. It’s’ a great self esteem boost. We are astounded at how well she plays, and she just loves it. You will always be one of the big foundation blocks for all Donna ever achieves and enjoys with music in her life. ”
Sandy Ingram, Camps Bay

What’s it all about?

Our Djembe drum sessions gets kids of all ages drumming to storiessongs and loads of exciting drumming games.

This powerful activity is the most natural and fun way for kids to connect to themselves and others and develop their auditory perception, whilst building a foundation of understanding music, that will invoke their curiosity and delight.

By the end of 2013 we expect over 10 000 children to have taken part in the DRUMKiDZ School Programme and we are continuing to expand our reach nationwide, with the continued growth of our franchise network.
Our unique school drumming programme is incredibly powerful and works on so many developmental levels – in an age of so much technology and other distractions, we are helping you to heighten their acute listening skills, ability to focus intently, as well as develop their self confidence. It’s also a whole heap of fun too, designed to lift their energylevels and helps them feel connected as a group.
It’s simple…The kids love it!

What the kids get out of it…

•    A positive emotional experience & connection to music.
•    Heightened listening and skills to focus.
•    Co-ordination & drumming skills.
•    Memory development, counting skills & creativity.
•    Increase in self confidence, self discipline & release of energy.
•    Chance to have fun, bond & connect to those around them.

Above all else, our vision and mission is to enable each Drumkid to nurture an everlasting passion for music and embrace and enjoy all the positives that will impact on so many areas of their life as children and as adults.

The Programme

Each Drumkid gets to play their own Djembe drum  at their school, with one of our trained facilitators guiding them through 8 action packed, high energy 30 minute lessons per term.

The Drumkidz play as a group, developing their awareness of others and how to listen and lock into the natural timing and rhythm of the group as a whole. They also play as individuals, letting their own creativity, energy and uniqueness shine through.

DRUMKiDZ Sponsorship Programme

For every ten children that are registered onto the programme, Drumkidz will sponsor one child to join the programme at NO cost to the parent or school. The school gets to choose the child who would most likely benefit from this incredible activity and we get to give back by spreading the benefits of the programme to more and more children who may not have been able to afford to join otherwise.