Social Development

We are extremely excited to introduce our new social development initiatives. With your support and funding we can succeed with our 4 key aims:

  • Creating Social Entrepreneurs
  •  Spreading the benefits of the DRUMKiDZ Programme to all children of South Africa
  • Uplifting young individuals whom have experienced challenges in their lives involving substance abuse & gang related activities
  • Helping children with special needs connect to themselves and others

If you are interested in funding any of the following initiatives or would like to know more, please contact Andy Byskup or Rosemary Watters – / +27 21 434 7610


You can choose the school/s that get to benefit from the DRUMKiDZ Music Development Programme.  Your funding will ensure that every child at your sponsored school/s experiences 8 lessons per school term for the year conducted by our qualified instructors.

There is also an opportunity for you to sponsor an individual of your choice (subject to our criteria) to become a qualified DRUMKiDZ instructor.  Your funding will enable them to complete our training programme and run lessons at your selected schools.

Our unique drumming programme is incredibly powerful and works on so many developmental levels – in an age of so much technology and other distractions, we are helping you to heighten their acute listening skills, ability to focus intently, as well as develop their self confidence. It’s also a whole heap of fun too, designed to lift their energy levels and helps them feel connected as a group.


DRUMKiDZ is creating an opportunity for others to start and run a profitable business resulting in the growth and spread of the benefits of our programmes and product offerings, by establishing a national network of individually owned and operated micro operators in South Africa.

By funding the set up of a Micro Operator you will be instrumental in the creation and development of a sustainable profitable business for individuals who really want to make a positive impact in their community.

DRUMKiDZ will train, support, provide all the necessary materials and tools for the Micro Operator to succeed.


This is a 8 week programme specifically designed for
Young Offenders
Individuals recovering from substance abuse
Youth Centres for uplifting disadvantaged youth ie. former gang members

This unique and innovative challenge is a head-stretching event, that will guarantee that each individual will be challenged, taken out of their comfort zone in one capacity or another, if not in all zones! They will be forced to rapidly assimilate new and essential core skills to enable them to create and perform both as individuals and as part of the team. It is experiential and fun – and there is no place to hide! This activity will rocket propel the exposure and development of key life skills.

Special Needs

We have run various programmes and workshops for children with a range of special needs.  We often find that children with these challenges respond and engage with drumming in a such a positive way that they seldom display with any other activity.   It really showcases the magic and power of drumming and how it works at so many diffeferent levels.